Advertising and Marketing for Law Firms, Attorneys, Lawyers, and Legal Professionals.

We are an internet marketing company that specializes in search engine ranking for law firms.

Purchased by G13 Media

Our marketing portfolio has been purchased by G13 Media. All old clients contact them for support. It’s been a great time marketing for you guys, but it’s time for me to take on a new venture. The decision to sell was to put you all in better hands. G13 Media has more staff than we ever did and is more than capable of getting you a better return on investment down the line.

Law Firm Marketing Advertising for Lawyers and Attorneys

Successful lawyer advertising is key to having the business phone ring.

Effective lawyer internet marketing isn’t really just obtaining a internet site that mirrors your law firm’s sales brochure, establishing a new logo for the firm, getting quoted in a news post, or marketing on Television for the reason that just about every other attorney at law is doing it. Rather, law firm promoting and advertising usually requires a synchronous methodology that: leverages your competing firms; spots the ideal customers. We label valuable lawyer online marketing the “Right” marketing. And when that it is right, it encourages prospective clients and referral associates to get in touch with you instead of other lawyers.

Of course if lawyer advertising and marketing were a piece of cake, every attorney at law would be productive at it. So Shife Marketing and advertising tactics serves those lawyers who notice the importance of strategic marketing campaigns, but desire help making it happen. Let us plan and execute your law firm’s marketing campaigns, advertising and web page design so that you really can focus on practicing law.

By using So Shife Promoting and marketing, you now have:

A marketing company who has comprehensive experience of state BAR protocols on lawyer pr and advertising, and a great number of working associations with state and local BAR associations and legal associations.

An company that is very well versed at analyzing the unique characteristics of your attorney and your valued clientele. We know that no two law firms are the same – the marketing and pr strategy we suggest will be personalized to your enterprise.

So Shife provides all the marketing , pr and advertising services that represent a truly effective law firm marketing promotions plan – branding, internet marketing, website development, marketing, business development, and Public relations.

If you want the Best SEO firm working for your company than this is the place to call. They cost a pretty penny, but you won't find another SEO in San Diego that is better.

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